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Some of the largest customers of our investigation services come from the corporate sector. The strong growth of Indian businesses and their widespread reliance on the internet for regular transactions have created some new problems besides the existing ones. Online fraud, copyright, trademark or intellectual property violation, data piracy, etc. are some of these latest issues that plague enterprises.

  • Pre Post Employment Checks
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Theft Investigation
  • Competitor Investigation
  • Trademark Investigation
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Financial Fraud Investigation
  • Skip Tracing
  • Due Diligence
  • Labor Cases
  • Information On Labor Unions
  • Undercover Agent
  • Personal Bodyguard
  • Personal Armed Bodyguard

At Indian Detective Agency, we understand how much risk these problems create for carrying out regular business activities. We offer corporate detective services for organisations and enterprises who need to address these issues. We provide our services to enterprises across the entire spectrum from single owner set-ups, start-ups and trading agencies to partnership firms, public companies and large conglomerates.

Our team of detectives led by the renowned Sanjay Singh are experts in carrying out monitoring, observation and deductive research to find out the culprits who have causes losses for our customers. We place a premium on our discretion and ensure that any confidential data shared with us is not revealed to any third party. We provide our expert services across all cities in India and also cater to clients for international locations either on our own or, if required and deemed appropriate, through our international alliance of detective agencies.

Our offerings for the corporate sector comprise of:

  • Pre- or post-employment checks: Include checking the truthfulness of information provided by employees such as education or past employment history
  • Fraud investigation: Analysis of corporate fraud of any kind and identification of culprits
  • Theft investigation: Comprise of surveillance, interviews, forensic checks and deduction, among others to find perpetrators
  • Competitor investigation: Helps check up on any unfair trade practice used by competitors including manufacturing process infringement, misrepresentation, etc.
  • Trademark investigation: Checks to find if any trademark belonging to our customer has been illegally used by some other enterprises
  • Intellectual property rights: Scrutinise if any classified knowledge has been misappropriated by another business for unlawful gains
  • Financial fraud investigation: Enquire into cases of financial larceny involving our client’s accounts or funds or monetary resources
  • Skip tracing: Help locate criminals who have illegally gone under the radar and ways to nab them
  • Due diligence: Involve due diligence audits to help companies discover loopholes in their processes and policies so they can be plugged
  • Labour cases: Provide various services to get to the truth in labour cases
  • Information on labour unions: Seek and find facts relating to labour unions that assist in resolving disputes amicably
  • Risk mitigation: Include various security and operational audit services to find sources of risk and remove them
  • Industrial espionage: Inquire into details of any spying or related offence done with the intention to steal trade secrets
  • Debugging service: Help locate and remove any hidden listening devices and cameras
  • Asset search: Include locating assets that would fulfil the company’s requirements
  • Undercover agent services: Use agents to go undercover and obtain information that would otherwise not be found
  • Personal bodyguards: Offer bodyguards for protection of individuals and their families as well as office locations
  • Personal armed bodyguards: Armed security personnel to guard persons and premises from threats

Our offerings include meticulous records of our observations and deductions that help enterprises use them in legal proceedings. We handover all our data files to our customers which helped us and them to identify and apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice. We have successfully solved over 10,000 cases which makes us an ideal candidate for companies seeking a firm to help them with various verification, investigation and security services.