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Among our various detective services, cyber crimes investigation has seen the most robust demand in recent times. This is primarily due to the spread of the web through computers and mobile devices along with economically accessible data plans. The anytime-online concept, though necessary to make life more comfortable, has resulted in a lot of private and secure information being available online. This has allowed hackers and fraudsters to use this data for dishonest purposes such as illegal money transfers, banking scams, identity theft, etc. At Indian Detective Agency, we understand how crucial it has become to stop such fraudulent activity and punish the criminals.

  • Website Tracking

We provide various solutions to track and solve cyber crimes. We employ a team of technical experts who keep themselves abreast of the latest scams, spyware, malware and other such treacherous software which can cause a great loss to individuals as well as businesses. Our expertise allows us to quickly find and recover stolen data as well as lost funds or other items that may have been pilfered.

Some of our cyber offence investigation services include:

  • Tracing abusive emails: Enable the successful tracing of malevolent mails spreading hate messages, viruses, spyware or malware. As these emails can result in a failure of the entire IT network, among others, it becomes essential for enterprises to find the source of these files and take steps to destroy them at the root
  • Tracing suspicious IP addresses: Help identify the IP addresses of computers and other devices used to wreck havoc on the network. Thereafter, we liaison with the customer and the security forces to nab the suspects
  • Ethical hacking: Allow organisations to locate security issues with their systems and help setup guidelines and processes to plug these problems
  • Email tracking: Include following the delivery path of emails for various purposes such as to locate the source of malicious software sent in them, finding the originating party of mails that send the company’s secret and proprietary data to outside parties, etc.
  • Website tracking: Help check and monitor issues in portals that contain viruses or other bad software or have been created to discredit visitors or users including our clientele

All our services are complimented by our objective and detailed record-keeping that allows the client to get facts which can be used thereafter to capture and prosecute the other party. Our findings enable our clients to file a report with the court and win their case based on specific information. Detective Sanjay Singh and his team have helped prevent and solve various online offences for our customers and are the ideal choice for businesses looking for discreet private detectives who quickly get to the actual truth.