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We provide extensive forensic services including detailed analysis and investigation solutions. Our technicians are adept in coaxing the details from minuscule traces of important material and enable clients use them to build a strong case against the culprits. We help crack various misdeeds such as accounting fraud, large and small scale theft, misrepresentation, cheating, forgery, etc.

  • Fingerprint Lifting And Analysis
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Murder And Criminal Investigation
  • Gathering Evidence For Court
  • DNA Test
  • Polygraph Test (Lie Detection)
  • Signature Verification

Our forensic portfolio includes:

  • Fingerprint lifting and analysis: Helps put a suspect at the scene of the crime. We are experts in getting legible and lawfully acceptable fingerprints from most objects placed at the location being checked
  • Handwriting analysis: Our handwriting experts can recognise illegal copies and forgeries created to dupe innocent people. We are able to accurately analyse various technical parameters such as slope of letters, backward or forward slants, etc. that identify the writer despite best attempts made to hide his involvement in a crime
  • Murder and criminal investigation: Offer numerous forensic testing services to aid the authorities and solve cases. All details such as soil composition and chemical constituency, among numerous others are recorded in objective detail
  • Gathering evidence for court: Help detail each record essential to make a solid case against the perpetrators. We have extensive expertise in understanding what needs to be shown and in what manner in the court to ensure a favourable decision. We take all steps necessary to ensure that no results or records are prevented from being used as evidence in court on any technical ground
  • DNA tests: We can get trustworthy DNA evidence to prove numerous cases including settling paternity or maternity disputes or presence of suspects at the scene of the event. Our results are always certain and allow a judgement to be reached more quickly that what would have been otherwise possible
  • Polygraph tests (lie detection): Our investigators are experts in lie detection using polygraph machines; we help check if a person is being honest or telling lies
  • Signature verification: Generally offered as a part of our handwriting analysis services; allows a person to identify if a signature is forgery. Has helped numerous insurance companies and banks from being duped of large sums of money due to false claims or presenting dud cheques

We are one the leading players in provision of expert forensic services for clients. Our record of solving over 10,000 cases has given us a deep insight on how important finding and recording of scientific evidence is to the judicial process. We ensure that our offerings meet the best practices required to separate the important facts from the unimportant ones, punish the guilty and bring speedy justice for the victims.