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Indian Detective Agency (IDA) provides personal investigation services that help discover or ascertain information for own private use of our clientele. We promise discreet inquiry into the concerned matter and finding of positive results that either prove or disprove the suspicion of our customers. These services are generally characterized by low key enquiries from neighborhoods and surreptitious surveillance by a detective team of few individuals. However, in certain instances, the matter requires more personnel and in such situations, we dedicate a larger group of our experts to help expedite the observation and deduction process.

  • Pre Matrimonial Investigation
  • Post Matrimonial Investigations
  • Love Affair Investigation
  • Divorce Case Investigation
  • Person Investigation
  • Information On Missing Persons
  • Information On Property
  • Loyalty Check
  • Financial Frauds
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Theft Investigation

The majority of our personal offerings comprise of checking the background of individuals before marriages or in certain cases of doubtful behaviour patterns and checks on people after the wedding. This segment has continued to grow over since our inception in 1995. The reason is primarily the lack of any reliable sources such as trustworthy relatives, friends, or acquaintances to shed light on a person’s character and family values. The alienation of the population from their native places due to education and employment has made them turn to sanitised marriage portals that do not provide all necessary details on the individual. In most scenarios, the profile is created by the person under scrutiny and he / she blatantly lies in order to reach their goal of finding a partner. We advise people to use our help to shed light on cases where the lies may result in an unhappy lifelong partnership.

Our wedding or relationships related services include:

  • Pre-marriage investigation: Here we make enquiries into the background of the bride / groom and their families and relatives. Include academic or employment history checks as well as character inquiries
  • Post-marriage investigations: Our after wedding offerings allow spouses to confirm or negate their suspicions on their partners. We inquire of extra-marital relationships or addictions such as drinking or drug problems as well as gambling addiction
  • Love affair investigation: We check if any party in a relationship, whether marriage or not, is seeing someone on the outside
  • Divorce case investigation: We help married individuals build a strong case for their divorce from the cheating spouse. We also aid in finding if the spouse initiated the affair or was beguiled into the extra-marital relationship

Other services we provide in our personal detective solutions portfolio include:

  • Personnel investigation: Here we find details on people and whether they are exactly who they say they are
  • Physical surveillance: Refers to unobtrusive monitoring from cars, buildings, restaurants, etc. to find more details of the people being shadowed
  • Information on missing persons: We work in cooperation with police forces to find missing people such as children or mentally impaired individuals who may have gone off somewhere without anyone noticing, among others
  • Information on property: We check land record and registrars’ offices to find details such as title deed, list of owners, legal cases, etc.
  • Loyalty checks: Helps test the loyalty of employees, etc.
  • Sting operations: Include unveiling objectionable activity through surreptitious recording of audio and videos
  • Financial frauds: Helps high net worth people find perpetrators who defrauded them of their money
  • Fraud investigation: Scrutiny made of misdemeanours, etc. that badly hit the person or his / her loved ones
  • Theft investigation: Involve detection of thefts by both staff or family members

IDA’s detectives are renowned for their discretion and willingness to talk of results only to their customers. We shun publicity and solely focus on remaining in the background and getting results more quickly than the client anticipated. Our services are available across India and also in most major countries in the world through our partnerships with associations of investigators.