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Privacy policy

Indian Detective Agency, Private Limited, has earned a niche for itself in the competitive world of private investigation. Clients swear by our world class services in sectors national and international, personal and corporate. From budding entrepreneurs to family feuds, marital discord to mind boggling suspicion, our agency provides astute investigation services to its clients. Whether it is background checking, surveillance, reporting, scams or matrimonial issue, our team operates with utmost sincerity and maintains discreet secrecy. Our aim is to provide maximum client satisfaction without illegal means. Our organization’s goodwill is earned through our esteemed clients. Every care is undertaken to safeguard the faith of our customers. Indian Detective Agency Private Limited believes that losing the trust of its valued customers would mean the end of a decade-long successful sojourn in private investigation. Hence, it is imperative that our agency abides by laws and regulations as imposed by the Central and State Governments. Us abiding by the rules helps to maintain the equilibrium between our client’s satisfaction and compliance with legal aspects.

As per our agency’s policy, transparency is maintained regarding communication and exchange of information. If at all, a case proceeding is restricted due to Government laws, we waste no valuable time in intimating the same to our clients. We assure the client of an alternate means to lead the investigation. Indian Detective Agency Private Limited conforms to legal standards and at the same time, meets the client’s expectations.

Private detective services are often misled if there is an unlawful third party intrusion. Therefore, at Indian Detective Agency Private Limited, policies to safeguard smooth operation are adhered to. Once, all the legal aspects are studied, the team of investigators leads the mission to unravel the truth. We have strived tirelessly to become one of India’s leading private detective service agencies. Our endeavour to answer the truth, our mission to excel and our intention to meet the client expectation will take us a long way.