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Why Choose Us

Why choose us?

Indian Detective Agency Private Limited is a widely acclaimed agency offering investigative services in fields like personal investigation, corporate investigation, forensic services and cybercrime investigation. Our decade long journey has fetched satisfactory results and etched a credible name in India’s private detective agency domain.

Our agency is the quintessential choice for our clients. The benefit of hiring a private detective service is unquestionable of immense value. Unknown answers are discovered, and peace of mind is ensured. The truth is readily available using the best of facts, figures, and evidence. Often, rivalry, feud, and misunderstanding between parties are resolved. Professional dispute and high flying corporate mystery are best resolved by a private detective service agency. Theft, burglary, financial losses often call for a private investigation. Forensic services offered by private detective agency are eye openers to the hidden truth. Background checking, assessment of an individual’s character, whereabouts of individual and other vital information are successfully provided by the private detective service agency.

The agency’s long client list suggests that our detective services have been sought after in cases related to the personal investigation, corporate investigation, cybercrime investigation and forensic services. We have managed to offer steadfast detective services using valid and facts. Our network of offices spread across India and abroad have made us more approachable. The well-connected team of sleuths operates both nationally and internationally. The USP of our agency is the team of expert and skilled detectives. The team meticulously solves complex cases, evaluates tricky situations, analyses the facts and derives at the truth.

Indian Detective Agency Private Limited takes every care of maintaining the confidentiality of its clients, evidence, facts, and outcomes. The agency observes strict work ethics and believes in respecting the client’s privacy. Clients from different cities approach our agency, in the hope of knowing the truth. One reason why private detective service is preferred is that secrecy is guaranteed. No client would appreciate breach of secrecy, confidentiality is the keyword. Be it a personal investigation or corporate investigation, the client expects the detective services to be accomplished secretly. At no cost has the trust of our clients been compromised, in hunger to promote ourselves.

The agency’s easy hiring policy has earned us the distinction of being the choice of our vast clientele. Indian Detective Agency Private Limited is headed by Mr. Sanjay Singh. It is under his able guidance and mentorship that the team of detectives operates.