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private detective agencyW.A.D.’S Certified Private Detective Agency in Delhi and branches all over India. No matter where you are, We will be there. … You can find our Private Detective Agency branches in all over India. Our certified Private Detective Agency in Delhi is a reliable name among private detective agencies in Delhi. Headquartered in New Delhi and Mumbai, this private detective agency operates nationally and internationally. Our decade long successful presence is proof of the fact that we expertise in unearthing the truth in personal investigation, cyber crime investigation, corporate investigation, and forensic services. We are undoubtedly among the front runners offering private investigation services in India. In a time when numerous detective agencies are mushrooming, Our Private Detective Agency is certified by World Association of Detectives – WAD’s and known as Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi and India. Providing authentic forensic services and cyber-crime investigation services. Our reputation of offering private detective services, maintaining discreet confidentiality, within all ethical boundaries is proven. Be it personal investigation or corporate investigation, cyber-crime investigation, or forensic services, the agency adheres to law abiding investigation at affordable rates. Our foray into private detective services related to background checks, security, research, matrimonial cases have met with equal success and acclaim.

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private detective agency
Private Detective Agency
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Our team of investigators believes in 3 E’s: Early outcome, Expert Guidance and Easy to hire process. We believe in delivering smart and expert investigation services to our clients and try all possible ways to solve the cases assigned to us regarding perplexity of our clients. We are equipped with experience of more than a decade that helps us to deliver all the crucial information to our clients based on true facts. The established portfolio of our agency showcases our expertise and proficiency in our investigation services. We ensure with complete privacy and secrecy throughout the investigation and strive for your satisfaction.

Indian Detective Services

Association of Private Detectives and investigators IndiaThe agency takes pride in its team of investigators, who are proficient in pursuing both personal and corporate investigations. The adept investigators offer superior investigative skills for law firms, insurance companies, corporations, employers, and individuals. Law firms and businesses across different cities have availed the services of our esteemed agency. From corporate honchos to budding entrepreneurs, our team of investigators deals with equal panache and vigour. The team of investigators with years of fruitful experience in fields related to law enforcement, patrolling and surveillance are operational in domestic and foreign terrain. The investigative team consists of former government operatives, who lend their expertise judiciously. Also, their knack for smart investigative operations and their high-level law enforcement contacts, make them our client’s obvious and desired choice. Indian Detective Agency Private Limited has been providing steadfast services to its valued customers. Our clientele is a testimony to the fact that we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Why choose Indian Detective Agency?

Private Detectives and Investigators (APDI), India.Our private detective service agency is most sought after because we exercise professionalism with a subtle touch of humanity. No matter how big or small the client is, how complex or simple the case is, our investigative services remain unbiased and unique. Our services related to personal investigation, corporate investigation, cyber crime investigation and forensic services have been acclaimed because we at Indian Detective Agency Private Limited operate with utmost integrity and professionalism. Our wide network of offices spread around the globe work in tandem with each other. The decade-long sojourn in private investigation and corporate investigation has yielded positive results. Any and every investigation is based on facts and evidence. Every minute detail is taken into account, so as to initiate smooth proceeding of the case. All legal aspects about the Central and State Governments are kept in mind while chalking an investigative outline. It is this far-sightedness, which enables a case whether petty or significant to bear the stamp of accomplishment.

Key areas where Indian Detective Agency has successfully carved a niche for itself are:

Detective Agency Domestic problems

No society is devoid of unfaithful and illegal doings, harassments and abuse. Whether this wrongdoing involves a partner, offspring, lover, and spouse, our detective services have excelled in solving a myriad of such cases with élan. Based on facts, figures, evidence and law the quest for truth is pursued.

Detective Agency Civil problems

From road accidents to personal injury, tracking court records to interviewing witnesses, the agency provides diverse solutions related to civil problems.

The agency is credited to have acquired the faith and trust of its clients in cases related to security, insurance and finding missing persons.

Detective Agency Personal Investigation

If you are having financial trouble with someone, facing some marriage problems, etc. and are looking to investigate about a person, our agency is offering anonymity in such cases as well.

Detective Agency Corporate Investigation

Pre-employment background checks, criminal record searches, sexual harassment or employee theft problems. We understand that doing a thorough background check before hiring a person is essential. Before hiring an employee, you should know the details of their lives.

Our agency has proven to be adept in these investigatory practices.

Detective Agency Forensic Services

We also offer Forensic services. If there has been a burglary in your home or office, and the police work doesn’t seem proficient, you can always turn to us. Our duties range from evidence recovery to fingerprint scanning.

Detective Agency Cyber crime Investigation

If you’ve faced some financial theft over the internet, or even identity theft, our agency offers an array of investigation techniques that can help in pinpointing who the cyber criminal is.

Our services have proven to be proficient in New Delhi and Mumbai. However, if you contact us, we can help deliver our assistance in other cities as well. Indian Detective Agency is a brand that is trusted globally. Providing you the answers you need is our only motive.

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You can also hire our professional Private Detective Agency services in USA, UK, UAE, Malaysia and Singapore.