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Call Us: +91 - 9871026696
We are the leading detective agency of India and have wide area of specialization. We are capable of handling any case with dedication and precision and offer outcomes based on true facts.
Our Prime Concern - Confidentiality!
Being an investigation agency, we perfectly understand the significance of maintaining secrecy and confidentiality. We have been offering quality investigation services since past many years and with our detailed and informative reports we are success in satisfying our clients. The detailed reports we deliver to our clients help them solve their issues and also help them to take informative and wise decisions ahead.
These are the following areas where we offer specialized services:

Personal Investigation
When investigation is conducted on an individual, then it is adjudged as personal investigation, but the motive behind conducting this investigation can be anything. So, it is crucial for you to provide the reason behind conducting this investigation so as to make the investigation accordingly. We are expert in gathering information and evidences for fidelity investigation, felony investigation, pre-employment screening and extra marital affairs.
Corporate Investigation
Conducting corporate investigation is quite crucial both for IDA as well as for the organization. The reputation of the organization or the suspected party can easily be ruined with single incorrect information. When the time comes to invest in finance company, hiring professionals for your company or making a business deal, we may seek our assistance to gather adequate and accurate information about the professionals and company you are going to deal with.
Financial Investigation
This investigation is mainly conducted to gather information about the money deals. This investigation covers all the legal issues related to the business and family affairs. Companies involved in financial dealing may also conduct this investigation with our expert detectives. Hiring our services to conduct this type of investigation can prevent your from becoming a victim of fraudulent.
Specialized Investigations
Specialized investigation services offered by our agency includes the collection of detailed information like video and audio verification, collection of DNA samples, calligraphy matching, confirmation of finger prints etc. When it comes to solve any complicated crime mysteries, then these types of detailed evidences play a crucial role. We also specialized in creating forensic reports, if the case demands.
Matrimonial Investigations

Once of the most sensitive and crucial decision of one's life is marriage, considering this fact we offer matrimonial investigation services so as to prevent you from making a blunder in your life. We have been offering matrimonial investigation since past many years and have gained numerous years of experience in this type of investigation service and perfectly understand the specific demands of the clients. During the investigation process we unveil all the aspects without leaving any minor or major aspect untouched, thus we generate effective report for our clients on the basis of strong grounds.

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