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It is very crucial for the families as well as for the individuals to take correct decision in matrimonial relationship. You might have come across with many cases related to dowry deaths and suicides that are published in local newspaper daily. Though Delhi is the capital city of India, but the crime rate is quite higher in Delhi. Therefore, it becomes quite essential for you to conduct a pre-matrimonial investigation before you come to a conclusion and take your decision.       

Undoubtedly, many people believe that marriages are made in heaven, but for some this proverb many not be true, especially if there are experiencing marriage crisis. Because of the increasing rate of fraud cases, it becomes quite crucial for people to conduct pre marriage investigation, especially if they are selecting people from newspapers, matrimonial sites or if the person is NRI. The matrimonial section of the newspapers and matrimonial sites do have well crafted information and bio-date of the person, but as a parent it is your duty to take correct decisions for the betterment of your child.

Our company is located in the popular area of Delhi and we have strong network of detectives sprawled across the capital city. We have been offering quality services and unfolding the mysteries since ages. We provide detailed and wide information about the person to be married with our research and investigation processes. The information includes:              

  • Character Check
  • Academic Check
  • Social status of the family
  • Tracking of day to day activities of individual
  • Financial stability of the family
  • Past relationship check
  • Employment / business check
  • Fidelity check

Though we need very less time to gather all these information about a person, but the exact time cannot be conveyed as it greatly depends on the area of investigation and the type of information your require. We offer services as per the demand and the needs of our clients, thus the time required varies depending upon the details you are looking for. After collection details about the person, we start investigating and gather evidences in less than two weeks time.  

a9Loyalty plays a crucial role to keep a married life smooth and running, however if you feel being cheated by your partner, then we are there to support you with our helping hands!

When sudden changes are noticed in the behavior of spouse, then several questions arise on your mind. But, it is not at all essential that the changes occurred are due to something suspicious, the reason might be something else. But, if you want to clear your doubts and looking for strong evidences to unveil the secrets of your cheating spouse, then it is better to conduct a post matrimonial investigation so as to prevent the further consequences.  

Today extra marital affair is becoming a common aspect in the society we are living in and cheating a partner is also normal affair these days. Post matrimonial investigations not only involve investigation about the cheating spouse, but also cover investigations related to dowry demand, cruelty, harassment, behavior of the family with the individual etc.          

We offer wide variety of post matrimonial investigation services and the information we gather includes:

  • Pre/ post marital love affairs
  • Tracking of day to day activities of the husband/ wife
  • Relationships with the co- workers
  • Attitude of husband/ wife towards the family
  • Attitude of family towards the husband/ wife

Our company is well equipped with team of experts and experienced investigators. Our investigators are specialized in post and pre matrimonial investigations. We have strong network of detectives across the region and they handle the assigned job efficiently.

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