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When it becomes difficult and uncontrollable to manage things by common man, then the situation may turn into serious criminal act. Therefore, it may affect the quality of life of a person adversely. So, here the need of private detectives arises who can tackle the situation professionally and make the situation acceptable. We at Indian Detective Agency Kannur perfectly understand this fact and provide comprehensive range of investigation services to clients based in Kannur to tackle any kind of complicated situation that may arise. We are always ready to serve you and do the needful for people suffering from complicated situations.

Kannur is city located in the Indian State of Kerala. This place is mainly popular for communist politics and temple festivals. But, the peaceful environment of the city may get disturb anytime by the criminal activities and critical situations that may arise. The city-dwellers of Kannur are well aware about the complexities that the city experience every year. So, to address such critical situations and to help the local residents, IDAPL Kannur is always there with their helping hands. Our detective services in Kannur help the city-dwellers to tackle the complicated situations efficiently and find ways for their problems. IDAPL Kannur offers complete detective services and guidance for both professional and personal cases. We at IDAPL Kannur are backed with well trained investigators having years of rich experience in solving most complicated cases.

The services we deliver include:

. Personal Investigation
. Corporate Investigation
. Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigation
. Employment Background Investigation
. Fidelity Checks
. Frauds Checks
. Activity Observation
. Financial Investigation
. Specialized Investigation

We are living in a society that tends to adopt various changes very quickly and due to this reason you will come across with various negative aspects in the society and it becomes quite difficult for a normal individual to distinguish the bad from the good ones. Today the number of criminal activities and fraud cases are increasing in the society at a rapid pace. So, we facilitate few specialized investigation services to deal with such complicated issues and our investigation services are mostly demanded by the people living in today’s society full of uncertainties.

We are the reputed and reliable private detective agency of Kannur and we are competent enough to take essential steps to handle each assigned cases with utmost vigilance, privacy and secrecy. At the end of the investigation, the private detectives deliver report to our client that is based on true facts and strong grounds.

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