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When a married life is not moving smoothly, then the time comes for break ups and separation, and it involves mental trauma that both the parties need to deal with. Besides, the individual involved in breaking up of relationship also need to face the questions of the society and most importantly they need to deal with their family members too. There are several reasons due to which the time of separation or divorce comes in one’s life. In most of the cases the decision of separation is mutual; this means both the boy and the girl desire to come out from the married relationship with mutual understanding. These types of cases are quite easy to deal with. But, divorce cases due to alimony or contradictions have several complications. The ways of investigation is different for girl and boy in such cases.  

The team of skilled and trained professionals deals with following areas when it comes to girl’s investigation: 
 a3•  Behavior with the Family
 •  Social Behavior
 •  Character Check and Fidelity
 •  Character Check
 •  Tracking of Daily Activities
 •  Greed of Alimony
 •  Medical Fitness
 •  Involvement in Immoral Activities

The team of skilled and trained professionals deals with following areas when it comes to boy’s investigation:

 •  Social Status of the Family
 •  Behavior with the Girl’s Family
 •  Financial Status of the Family
 •  Harassment and Cruelty Allegations
 •  Medical fitness of the Boy
 •  Character Check and Fidelity
 •  Involvement in Immoral Activities
 •  Verification of Possessing Bad Habits Allegations

We at IDA will put all our efforts to unveil the evidences to help you prove what you are claiming. We collect evidences for you in the form of audio tapes, video coverage, images, and other documents related to the case. 

You ay feel free to contact us for further assistance and information or else you may walk into our head office located in Delhi. The time required to collect information completely depends on the types of information required for the cases.

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