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Our expertise is counter-surveillance and surveillance. With successful investigation for decades we have gained vast experience in counter surveillance and individual surveillance.

When it comes to track the daily activities of a person then it is termed as individual surveillance. If you are looking for Grade “A” results based on true facts and strong evidences, IDA is the name on which you may trust for such surveillance.

Our team of experts perfectly understands the significance of individual surveillance and how confidential it is. So, considering these facts they take necessary steps while following the activities of a person. For gathering hard evidences we believe using technologically advanced gadgets and equipments that make our task more convenient and faster. We always conduct static and dynamic surveillance that greatly depends on the activities of the individual to be tailed. With the help of our under-cover mobile vans we keep tracking the suspect efficiently and closely without letting them to know about it.

a11We also conduct counter surveillance. If you think that you have a doubt or being followed by someone, then you may seek our help to conduct counter surveillance. This type of surveillance involves tracking the person who is supposedly tailing you so as to stop them immediately.

At first we investigate all your daily activities with the help of which we can easily track the person tailing you. We not only stop the process of tailing, but also find the reason behind tailing. The hard evidences we deliver include essential documentation, video coverage, photographs etc. Our team of experts always sticks to the work ethics and do the assigned tasks with perfection and utmost care, thus eliminating all the possibilities of doubts.                     

The wide network of investigators and team of experts help us to conduct counter surveillance and surveillance anywhere everywhere across the country.

For further help and assistance you may walk into our head office at Delhi or else you may contact us via e-mail.

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