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Due to global economic recession, it is becoming quite difficult for people to have a comfortable life. This is the reason why people are taking financial assistance, debts and loans from individuals, financial institutions and lending agencies to fulfill their daily requirements and needs. With the help of leans and financial assistance people are leading a comfortable life and it is becoming easier for them to fulfill their daily requirements. Unfortunately, there are some people among the borrowers who intentionally commit crimes and frauds with the financial institutions and lending agencies. Due to increasing rate of frauds and cheating, it is becoming quite difficult for lending agencies to recover the loan amount from the borrowers. So, in such situation Indian Detective Agency can help the lending agency and uncover the real motive behind the money dodging.

Generally, when the financial institutions find difficult to recover the loan amount from the borrowers they simply file an Insolvency Petition or IP, this happen when the borrower absconds and it becomes difficult to detect them. But, the investigators of Indian Detective Agency help the lending agencies and financial institutions to find the borrowers from anywhere across the nation and help them to recover the loan amount from them with ease.

a3Indian Detective Agency has been offering services to lending agencies and financial institutions from past many years and helping them to recover the loan amount with ease and in professional way. We help our clients to find the people who have done frauds with the organization and also provide measures to our clients to prevent further frauds from occurring. With our quality investigation services the banks, financial institutions and leading agencies can easily locate the loan defaulters so that they can pursue legal action against them for money dodging.

In our career we have solved several financial fraud cases and tracked several defaulters who have absconded with the loan amount. We not only locate the defaulters for our clients, but also help the organizations to recover the loan amount from them. The number of financial fraud cases is increasing significantly in India and to detect the defaulters you will require assistance of experienced and well trained investigators. So, hire our services to detect the defaulters and prevent your organization from becoming the next victim of financial frauds. We offer loan and finance investigation services to our clients across the nation at a competitive compensation.

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